Sean Hawley first registered targets in 1981. He won the state sub-junior title two years later, and he was the 1986 junior champion. Since 1994, Hawley has captured one singles, two handicap, three doubles and six all around championships. All his twin-bird and his 1998 handicap crowns were with perfect scores, and his 2003 All-Around victory was with a record-tying 398.

Sean was runner-up in a preliminary handicap at the 2000 Grand American, and he was the AAA champion in the 2002 Class Doubles event with 100 plus 60 extras.

At the 2003 Spring Grand, Sean established the all-around high of 399X400. His additional trophies at this tournament include runnerup honors in the title twins and handicap with 100s that year plus second place in the 2004 Doubles Championship. Among Sean's Western Grand awards is the 2000 all-around crown.

In Western Zone competition, he won the 1997, 2000, 2003 and 2005 doubles titles with perfect centuries plus the 2002 all-around crown. In handicap he has netted one championship plus three place trophies with 99's.

Sean has been named to 11 All-American teams. He was captain of the 1984 sub-junior team, and he was a member of the junior teams the next three years, serving as captain in 1987. Hawley has been selected for seven men's teams since 1992.

He achieved his Grand Slam in 1992. He has won 12 All-Around Average Awards, including first place in 2000, 2002 and 2003. During his shooting career, Sean has registered approximately 76,000 singles, 104,000 handicap and 50,000 doubles targets.

Sean Hawley was inducted in to the California Trapshooting Hall of Fame in 2006.