On June 24th, 2007, Bill (BJ) Moore was inducted into the California Trapshooting Hall of Fame.

Friend and fellow trapshooter Doyle Mack introduced Bill at the ceremony. Here is what he said:

It is my pleasure to introduce BJ Moore for his induction into the California Golden State Trapshooting Hall of Fame.

BJ Moore was introduced to the sport of Trapshooting by his Banker in 1977. This was in the form of an invitation to join him at the Old Peninsula Gun Club for an evening of shooting. Bill was invited back the following Thursday. Bill continued shooting every Thursday but did not see his Banker there again.

Bill's first gun was a Winchester side by side. During this period Bill met what turned out to be life long friends -- Bob Uhalde and Rich Cocanour. Over the next few months they convinced him that he should start shooting in the South Bay Trap League. This was the start of his life as a trap shooter.

Bill registered his first ATA targets in 1978. Since this time, Bill has attended 28 Grand American Shoots. Bill continues to shoot in the SBTL, and for the last six years has managed the league (with front office help from his wife Sylvia). In this capacity, Bill continues to evangelize the sport and entice new shooters into joining the SBTL and into the ATA brotherhood.

Over the last five years, Bill has won the following major awards:

Grand American Deborah Ohye SinglesSV CH
Grand American Patrick McCarthy Doubles SV CH
Grand American NRA Singles SV CH
Grand American WSRC Doubles SV RU
Grand American Doubles Class Championship SV CH
Grand American Clay Target Championship SV RU
Grand American Champion/Champions SV 3rd
CGSTA Member Memorial Handicap SV RU
CGSTA Resident Class Doubles SV CH
CGSTA Resident State Singles SV CH
First Team All American SV

CGSTA Resident Class Doubles ChampionshipVT CH
Western Zone Doubles VT CH
2nd Team All American VT

Grand American Harlan Campbell, Jr. SinglesVT RU
Grand American Krieghoff 100 - Singles VT CH
CGSTA Class Singles Champion VT RU
CGSTA Doubles Class Champion VT CH
Western Zone HOA VT RU
2nd Team All American VT

Grand American Trap and Field Doubles Class ChampionshipVT CH
Grand American Hall of Fame Handicap VT RU
Grand American Doubles Championship VT RU
California State Team VT
Western Grand HAA VT CH
Western Grand HOA VT CH
Western Grand Handicap VT CH
Western Grand Class Doubles AA RU
Western Grand Doubles VT CH

Grand American Doubles Championship - ZoneVT CH
Grand American Krieghoff 100 - Singles VT CH
Grand American Doubles Championship VT CH
Grand American Dayton Homecoming Singles VT RU
Grand American Doubles Class Championship VT RU
Western Zone VT RU
Western Zone Singles VT CH
CGSTA Class Doubles VT CH
CGSTA Vice President's Handicap VT RU
CGSTA Doubles Championship VT RU
CGSTA Singles Class Championship VT RU
B. J. Moore was inducted in to the California Trapshooting Hall of Fame in 2007.