Pat Moore began registering targets in 1972. He has two state titles in California - 1978 doubles with 99 and the 1983 singles with 200. He earned 14 additional awards in the state, including husband and wife honors in the 1979 singles with his wife, Janet.

As a resident of Nevada, he won nine state titles. In 1984, he set records in the Handicap Championship for 100 and the all-around with 397, and he tied the record in the main doubles with 99. In 1989, he topped the Doubles Championship with a record tying 100. He has also earned trophies at the Golden West Grand.

In addition to his ATA wins, Pat has earned four PITA Grand Championships - two doubles, one handicap and one all-around.

Pat Moore is the great nephew of 1969 Trapshooting Hall of Fame inductee, Lela Hall Frank. He ran The Gun Club, in Reno, Nevada.

Patrick T. Moore was inducted in to the California Trapshooting Hall of Fame in 2002.