Chuck first started shooting trap at the San Gabriel Valley Gun Club in Duarte California in 1959 at the age of 13. In 1961, at the age of 15, he became the youngest person to win the trap High Average Champion for the year at the San Gabriel Valley Gun Club, winning many Sub-Jr, Junior and class awards during his first year of shooting. On June 11, 1960, he entered his first ATA competition at the Rancho Angeles GC. In his first three tournaments, he captured three Sub-Jr awards, including the California State Sub-Jr. Singles Championship Runner-up with a 185x200. Chucks entire first year of competitive shooting, was shot with a Browning Lighting O/U 20ga.

During his career, he participated in sixteen different states, regional, national and international competitions, including Canada. In 1962, he captured the California State Class C Singles Championship, with a score of 196x200, and the Junior Handicap Championship with 94x100. In 1962, at the age of 16, he became the youngest winner of the CGSTA Presidents Diamond Medal, with a score of 99x100 from the 21yard line. In 1963, at the Western Zone Championships, in Twin Falls, Idaho, he captured both the Junior Singles Championship with 197x200, and the Junior Handicap award with a score of 94x100. Other state shoot accomplishments included the Oklahoma State Shoot, Non-Resident Singles Championship Runner-up with 199x200 (1966), Texas State Preliminary Handicap Long Yardage champion, 94x100 (1968), California State Class AA Singles Champion, 200x200 (1974), Arizona State Non-Resident Class B Doubles Champion, 97x100 (1985), and Hawaii State Non-Resident Singles Champion Runner-up, 196x200, and also tied for the Open doubles championship, with 96x100 (1987).

In Chuck’s first two Grand American appearances in Vandalia, Ohio (1963 and 1964), he is credited with four top six finishes, including third place in the Junior Class Championships,196x200; third place ,Class C Grand American Doubles Championships, 95x100; Fifth place Class A Clay Target Championship,198x200 and tied for sixth place, Vandalia Handicap, 98x100. In his only PITA Grand competition in Reno, Nevada, Chuck and his brother Jim, won the Two-in-a-Family Championship with 397x400, and Chuck also captured the Class AA Runner-up Singles Championship, with 199x200.

From 1965 -1967, he won numerous awards during the Arizona and Nevada Mid-Winter Chain Championships, including the Phoenix Singles Class AA Championship with 198x200 (1965), the Class A HOA Championship, (1965 &1967), Tucson Class A HOA Runner-up Champion, (1967), and the Las Vegas/Sahara, he captured the long yardage Championship, 96x100, to earn his 27 yard pin (1967), High Over All Championship, 660x700 (1967) and Runner-up High All Around Champion, 377x400 (1967).

He was a member of the Unites States Air Force International Trapshooting Team from 1964-1968. He was a member of many winning team championships, including the Louisiana State Team Championships (1964), Texas State Shoot (1967), Western Zone International Championships, in Martinez, California (1966) and the Clay Target Championships in Quantico, Virginia. (1966) He also holds a “Lifetime Masters” classification in International Clay Target competition, issued by the National Rifle Association in 1966.

In 1971, representing California State Polytechnic University, he placed third in the Individual singles competition at the National Intercollegiate Shooting Championships, Linn Creek, Missouri, with 195x200,. Later that year, he captured the Class AA Singles Championship at the Southern California Regional Championships, with 197x200.

He has won both the CGSTA Presidents Diamond Medal and The Maynard B. Henry Medal during his career.

Chuck was selected to two ATA Junior All-American teams (1963-1964) and 4-California State Teams (1972-74, 85) Chuck and his brother Jim, are the first siblings in ATA history to be selected to the Junior and Sub-Junior ATA All-American team respectively in the same year (1963) and the first in consecutive years (1964). They were also the first siblings in California State Trapshooting history to reach the 27 yard line, and only the second two in a family in the CGSTA. Chuck is one of only two shooters in CGSTA history to have won an ATA event in both the Sub-Junior and Senior-Vet category. Chuck served as President of the California Golden Bears Trap Club, in 1975-76, and was elected Vice-President of the Upland Gun Club in 1985-86. He was a CGSTA Southern Zone Director from 1999 -2000.

Life Member, ATA (1963) and CGSTA (1976)

Lifetime Registered Targets: Singles; 48,700, Handicap; 44,550 and Doubles; 17,650

Chuck Poindexter was inducted in to the California Trapshooting Hall of Fame in 2022.